Come view the 25th anniversary dinner video (updated 7/17/2012)

24 May

Its part of our chapter history now, but you can get a feel for the fun time we all enjoyed, sharing life milestones together at our June 23rd TRIO 25th Anniversary dinner at the Jersey shore by watching the YouTube video of the event:

TRIO Philadelphia “Life Celebration” dinner at the Jersey shore


Original invitational posting:

TRIO is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its founding in Pittsburgh back in 1987.  As part of that celebration, TRIO Philadelphia is inviting you to come join us in celebration of your own life milestones – be that transplant related or any other life event you want to share – down at the nearby Jersey shore town of Avon-by-the-Sea.  We gather for a “Dutch Treat” – i.e. there is no fee to join us, but you do pay for your won meal, chosen off the famous Schneider’s menu of home-style delicious German entrees, appetizers and especially those special desserts.

Saturday, June 16th, from 2pm til 5 (and beyond) – see (no, you can’t read the flyer image below, we know that!) the details by clicking here for the event flyer with directions for a straight shot drive across New Jersey – easy to get to and find there on the main street of that lovely shore town.

PS: You can also click on the flyer image here to download that flyer . . .

“Come and celebrate with us . . .”


One Response to “Come view the 25th anniversary dinner video (updated 7/17/2012)”

  1. Monet Thomson May 24, 2012 at 8:13 PM #

    Hi Jim. Looks good! – Monet (SFBayArea TRIO)

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